KeepAmericaFishing just reached the 1-million-member milestone. Who cares? You, if you care about the future of sport fishing in our great country. Putting it the simplest way I know how: Gun-rights advocacy has always been an incredibly powerful force in the United States. Why? One reason: the NRA. Sport-fishing advocacy has always been weak, lackluster and often impotent. That’s because we’ve had no NRA, no voice to speak for us and lobby national leaders in a way they dare not ignore. Now we have a voice, yet as strong as the NRA, but growing — and it’s grown enough to make us a force to be reckoned with. So I say 1 million anglers make a strong statement on Capitol Hill — and (1) offer hearty congrats to all the folks with KAF who have made that happen, but (2) challenge anglers who are not yet members to join up! One million …d1513dae6b snookums Hey, America: A Million Americans Are Looking Out for the Sport of Fishing!

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