Here’s more proof why you should always get off the water when a lightning storm approaches.A recent analysis by Lightning Safety Specialist John S. Jensenius, Jr., of the National Weather Service, found that fishing was the most-likely activity to get you struck and killed by lightning.From 2006 through 2012, 238 people died from lightning strikes in the United States. Almost two-thirds of the deaths happened while enjoying outdoor activities. Fishing was — by far — the most deadly activity, accounting for about 11 percent of deaths.In total, there were 26 fishing, 15 camping, 14 boating, and 11 beach deaths. For outdoor sports, soccer saw the greatest number of deaths with 12, as compared to golf with 8. Yard work accounted for 12 fatalities. During that 7-year period, fishermen accounted for more than three times as many …8825230345 NOAA lightning safety Dont Mess with Lightning

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