Millions of krill have been washing up on beaches in southern Oregon and northern California for the past few weeks, according to a report from Associated Press.  The reason why these tiny shimp-like creatures are washing ashore is unclear. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration oceanographer Bill Peterson says they may have been blown into the surf by strong winds while mating near the surface, and then been dashed on the beach, AP reports.The species is Thysanoessa spinifera, and it helps form the basis of the marine food chain. Clouds of krill stretching for miles on beaches from Bodega Bay, California, to Newport, Oregon, are flooding beaches. Some of the krill are still alive when they wash ashore, according to AP. “There has definitely been something going on,” Peterson said from Newport. “People have sent us …8012cfe24f krill3 Crimson Clouds of Krill Wash Ashore in Oregon and California

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