Fly Fishing is a unique form of fishing that is as artistic in nature as it is technical. Fly fishing has evolved from being a sombre pastime to an extremely passionate sport among anglers. Fly fishing, initially developed for catching trout and salmon, quickly developed into a favorite recreational habit for many around the world looking to take a sabbatical from the rigors of daily life.

Unlike traditional forms of fishing, fly fishing involves the use of an artificial fly as bait. The fly is tied to a hook with the use of fur, thread, feathers and other similar materials. The basic logic behind this is to create an illusion of food that attracts the fish to the hook.

There are two major fly fishing forms, one being the traditional dry fly fishing and the other wet fly fishing. Out of these, dry fly fishing is widely regarded as the classic form in which the angler casts the bait upstream to catch trout or salmon. The sight of a fish jumping upstream in anticipation of bait beats most other fishing experiences hands down and this is just one the many reasons why more and more people are attracted to the charms of fly fishing.

Fly fishing is generally regarded to be one of the toughest forms of the fishing sport and demands a lot of patience and skill from the fly fisherman. As fly-fishing fun requires agility and sharpness, the correct selection of fly fishing rods holds utmost importance. There are many different types of fly fishing rods around the market and one should always pick out an appropriate fly fishing rod after review of certain aspects such as their weight, length, and the place where fly fishing is to be attempted.

One of the best ways for a fly fishing amateur to kick start things is to try out his luck using a bamboo fly fishing rod. Most fly fisherman swear by them due to their lightweight and greater flexibility. Bamboo fly fishing rods were the first fly fishing rods to be created and their immense flexibility makes them an asset to both amateur fly fishers and astute fly fishers who prefer a much more refined style of fly fishing. However on the down side, bamboo fly fishing rods are much more delicate and as making them requires substantial skill, they are pretty heavy on the wallet too.

Great alternatives for bamboo fishing rods are graphite fly fishing rods and fiberglass fly fishing rods. Graphite rods do tend to be a bit on the stiffer side but their additional strength, performance, and durability does indeed give fly fisherman a lot of options to work with. On the other hand, fiberglass fishing rods have grown in stature and number over the past decade or so and are now the most common fly fishing rods around the fly fishing community. Fiberglass rods are strong and also have the added advantage of being flexible and durable. However, they do tend to be a bit on the heavier side and much of their usage is dependent on the strength and the skill of the fisherman wielding them.

The act of fly fishing is best enjoyed in the company of friends and relatives. Fly fishing offers the best way to spend a dull afternoon in the lap of nature with close friends and relatives complete with competition to make the biggest catch. So, go ahead and take a dip into the charm of fly fishing and find a great way to enjoy your much cherished weekends.

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