Although there are different types of Penn saltwater fishing reels, each type has its own special function, features, and benefits. You should choose the one that will address your sport fishing needs. For instance, you should choose GT Level Wind if you are doing bottom fishing. This is a great piece of gear when you are trying to haul a large fish like a monster halibut from the bottom of the sea floor. You should use a heavyweight and durable reel in this kind of fishing.

Although Penn reels come in different styles, they have a lot of things in common like these:

The frames of these fishing reels are made of graphite. Graphite is lightweight yet strong and it does not corrode. This is an important factor when choosing a fishing reel. You want it to be sturdy and last for years. The other parts, like the ball bearings, are made of stainless steel and only requires a minimum of care to prevent rust. The main gear of this fishing reel is precision machine-cut, which makes it highly efficient and precise. It is important to have this kind of exacting manufacture and design in order to have reliable equipment when going after big game fish that can be a challenge to catch. After you have caught a large fish, hauling in your catch will be smooth and easy because of the quality drag washers. This will make it easier for you to haul your fish from the water.

Surf Fishing Reels 101

Surf fishing is a common sport for those living near large bodies of water such as the ocean. Surfcasting involves fishing basically from the beach which requires a longer cast generally. When looking for surfcasting reels, you’ll want to find one that has the capability of long casts as well as the ability to reel in big fish.

One important thing to remember when deciding on fishing reels is that you are fishing from a beach. The beaches always have a lot of sand. A reel that is easy to clean and/or has a way to keep sand out of it will be your best choice. Sand will quickly destroy a reel. For this reason, many surf fishermen choose the bait casting reel because it is very easy to clean. As an extra bonus, it provides for easy access to the line as well.

If bait casting reels are not for you, and for some they are not, then find a good quality spinning reel, or closed face reel, that will provide at least some protection from the sand and that you can easily clean when sand does get inside. Remember, sand will wear down the gears faster. Also, if too much sand gets inside you may lose the ability to reel when you’ve got that big fish on because the sand has entered the gears stopping them from turning.

Price is another important thing to look at when purchasing a reel. For a novice surf fishermen, it is fine to simply by an inexpensive reel to learn on. Just make sure your choice is rated for the larger fish that you are likely to catch when surf fishing. Longer casts are important too and the casting ability has to do with the reel, the rod and the person fishing. So if you are just starting out, learning to surf fish on an inexpensive reel is a good choice.

There are many brands available in all ranges of capabilities. After you have set your budget for your reel, find the reel that suits you best. Selecting surf fishing reels can be a daunting task with literally millions of types, sizes, styles and brands available. Another choice you could make is to to choose surf fishing rods and reels as a package, a combo kit as they are referred to. This will insure that your rod and your reel at meant to work together.

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